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Adulting: A Better Understand of Unique...

I’ve seen muesli for years and years on the local grocery shelves. No biggie. It’s pretty mundane, in the grand scheme of things.

Then I stumbled on this unusual store, Mymuesli. (Shockingly, it sells museli.) But It’s not just a delight for the taste buds. The entire store is a feast for the eyes. The packaging of the muesli consists of tubes – all colors. And because everything else in the store is stark white, the products pop – creating a display of color that could impress a rainbow.

The point is, the store vividly reminds me of how as I age, I see the same. Over and over again. And since finding unique becomes a little harder each year, when I do find it, it’s a delight and treasure. Like Mymuesli.

I guess, as I get older, it becomes easier for me to understand what is “unique.” (Keeping in mind that my definition of “unique” will vary from others’ definition.)

When I was an adolescent and would participate in an art contest, my naïve mind couldn’t fathom how the judges awarded the more unusual, innovative pieces. But now I do. And no art contest is even required. The more I age, the easier it is for me to recognize and relish the unique – like a sort of personal treasure hunt – in my daily life.


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