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Adulting and Aging With Others...

I was sharing with a gal pal of mine what I recently spotted at an antique mall. I saw Pound Puppies: the irresistible stuffed animals created by Mike Bowling in 1984. I collected and played with them when I was a little girl. And of course, the subsequent Pound Kitties that soon appeared on store shelves.

But back to the puppies. Now they are selling them in antique stores?

I’m used to seeing my Mom’s toys on antique store shelves. Not my own. I found myself giggling in disbelief as I confided this to my friend. She had also shared my love of Pound Puppies, and she joined in with my laughter. For a moment, our minds went back in time, as we fondly remembered them and the fun they brought into our lives.

And that’s when a simple, obvious truth dawned on me: I’m aging along with everyone else, and the sheer number of us helps make it fun. We can reminisce together and understand each other’s memories. It bonds us, making aging just that much easier and that much more fulfilling.

I’m so grateful for others.


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