Adulting and Anxiety: Do You Forget What Today Offers?

It seems that seeking help for anxiety leads me to a lot of talk on "mantras" and how powerful it is to speak and repeat words to yourself. I don't know how much they help you, but I was reading this mantra by John Maxwell, and I love the strong determination to not long for the past, but to enjoy the current stage in life:

Today, I will live today.

I will face today’s challenges with today’s strength.

I will dance today’s waltz with today’s music.

I will celebrate today’s opportunities with today’s hope.


I can tell myself, “I miss the good old days.” (Maybe we fall into this thought pattern because we aren’t open to what today is offering us?)


Like Maxwell, I can remind myself that TODAY also has strength, music, opportunities, and most importantly, hope.

Oh, and we can’t forget there’s dancing!

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