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Adulting and Anxiety: Facing 2021...

I absolutely want 2021 to be better than 2020.

But as 2020 painfully reminded us all, we can’t control everything. And while this is probably for the best (can you imagine the chaos?), I am finding myself fighting pessimism. I can’t enter 2021 with the same optimistic attitude I carried into 2020. Too much bad has happened.

So instead, I am working to shift my focus. And maybe you will want to join me. I’m digging deep and making note of the good things that happened as a result of (and alongside of) the bad. Here are some of my personal thoughts about 2020:

My “take for granted” attitude got smashed to pieces, and I don’t know about you, but I was very humbled. With the humility came a desire to slow down and care more for both my health and the health of others. I had to lose selfish tendencies, but then I gained more appreciation for loved ones. And finally, I had to search for a new definition of beauty and peace.

Even in our pain, I think it’s incredibly important to identify any positives from the past year. Because these are treasures, and we should recognize them as such. I read a Thorton Wilder quotation that really encouraged me in my resolve: We can only be said to be alive in those moments our hearts are conscious of our treasure.

On first glance, Wilder’s words might not seem logical. But I think he’s making a strong point: when we fail to acknowledge the riches around us, we can be breathing, but we are not fully living. And this is a sad situation to be in. We do not want to ignore the wealth within our reach because it can arm us with optimism and strength to face another day.

I hope that along with me, you’ve been able to find a few of your own treasures from 2020; for if they appeared even during a difficult year, no doubt they can appear again in this new one. Let’s also consider facing 2021 with the advice of Wilder in our minds. Let’s live intentionally so we can be fully alive. Let’s be treasure hunters.


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