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Adulting and Anxiety: I Am Not Alone...

The longer I live, the more opportunities I have to find answers to my problems. Plain and simple (I warned in an earlier post that sometimes I will focus on the plain and simple.) It’s part of the joys of aging and can be incredibly satisfying. Especially when it comes to anxiety. I’m sharing my journey as I work, day by day, to be fully victorious over anxiety.

I was recommended this book:

Get out of Your Mind and Into Your Life by Steven C. Hayes, Phd with Spencer Smith.

I started out skeptical, but within the first few pages, the book had me hooked. Here is the quote that pulled me in:

“People suffer. We don’t assume that left to their own devices, normal human beings are happy and that only an odd history or a broken biology disturbs the peace. We assume instead that suffering is normal and it is the unusual person who learns how to create peace of mind.” (4)


When drowning in emotions, physical sensations and straight up panic, it’s a VERY easy lie to believe that I am one of the few who are broken, illogical or just plain weak.

For years, I would ask myself lies:

Why am I the only one who panics in this situation?

Why can’t I just be like everybody else when it comes to facing hard days?

The text continues:

“By the time all of the major behavior problems human beings face or added together, in effect, it is “abnormal” not to experience significant psychological struggles.” (5)

Knowing I was not alone, in fact, “normal” was like a giant hug for my state of mind.

I’m not healed, but I’m encouraged, like a weight has lifted off me. And I think it’s safe to say, that as I age, that is a great feeling to take with me into each day.


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