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Adulting and Anxiety: Taking it Down to a Glow...

My friend plays lullabies for her girls. The lyrics from one (composed by Christy Nockels) really stood out to me:

Every day is shining dear Like the brightest chandelier But it's okay just for a while We can take it down to a glow…

It’s those last two lines combined that were like a fresh cup of cold water to my weary soul:

But it’s okay just for a while we can take it down to a glow…

We are constantly encouraged to metaphorically shine, sparkle, and sprinkle glitter throughout our day. Have you seen those happy memes and Pinterest pictures? While those can be encouraging messages, sometimes it’s okay if for a while we can take it down to a glow.

We can move slower, think slower…slow dance with our head on the shoulder of rest.

Can’t you just envision a beautiful light fixture at an elegant hall or restaurant? Dusk hits. Someone on the staff dims the lights. And a relaxed feeling permeates the atmosphere. Our minds shift into evening mode. Velvet nights and candle lights are more appealing than ever.

But I firmly believe we can take it down to a glow during the day. Every day if we need to.

My mother recently took some medical tests that she was anxious about. Actually, I think we all were, just because of the “what ifs.” And at trying times like this, even when the sun is shining, we don’t want to join in. And that’s okay. I sent my Mom the lullaby because I want to remind people to “take it down to a glow.” We can all quiet our light and just be. This might require us to calm ourselves and:

Speak less.

Think less.

Exercise less.

Breathe more.

Rest more.

Lean more.

Are you in a phase where you need to just glow? If so, just glow dear friend. Glow.

P.S. My Mom glowed her way through the tests and came out just fine.


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