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Adulting and Perspective...

When I was recently visiting London (before the quarantine) I got a chance to lay eyes on a really neat sculpture in Hyde Park. You can see it in the picture above.

The giant horse head was so unique to me – not because I’ve not seen a horse. I’ve seen many. It was that my perspective had changed. The horse head was huge, and I was small. I was like a tiny mouse in comparison.

It was eye-catching, and I was definitely THAT person, snapping away trying to capture in JUST one nice image the statue itself, and the feeling it gave. Because to me, encountering the statue reminded me of being a child.

While young, so much of life is intimidating. It would stand before me, like that horse head, almost too large to take in. Just as I saw the details of the gaping nostrils on the statue, I saw adults and how they acted and behaved, and I couldn’t grasp it very well. It was…well… to my young naïve eye, uncomfortable at times. Strange.

BUT, looking at a horse head as a human, not as a mouse, is absolutely less intimidating, and I can take in its features much easier. I can see the details for what they are. A nose just isn’t as threatening. It blends well with the entire structure, and as we all know, the result is beautiful.

And just like that, in the middle of bustling London, I got one of those encouraging “I should remember this moment” moment. Adulting, and really aging in general, is all about a shift in perspective. And like the statue, it too is beautiful.


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