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Adulting and Perspective...

Boy Meets World, the complete season, recently came to Hulu.

I. was. Ecstatic. It was like an early Christmas gift was handed to me.

For those of you who could not care less about this guilty pleasure of mine – please stick with me. Imagine an old, beloved TV show suddenly back in your life. All you need is time and a comfy place to plant yourself for a binge watch.

I had mixed feelings before I dove into the series. I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy it like I did years back. I didn’t want to be disappointed: I didn’t want, in a way, to deflate a special memory.

But an unexpected thing happened as I watched. The show seemed even funnier, because I now see the adult humor that was written into the script; it brings a whole different dimension to the series. I wasn’t fully relishing the show when I was younger: I was eating a large meal and enjoying it – but not partaking of all the delicious dishes set before me. Not that it’s a bad thing. Younger me obviously loved Boy Meets World.

However, this experience re-introduced me to the concept that in life, there are layers to more than just onions. And if I were to think otherwise, I would cheat myself of the depth and richness of life that the years have to offer.


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