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Adulting and Style: High Waisted Jeans...

I had such a hard time wearing high waisted jeans when they came back in style. I realize not everyone cares about fashion and clothing, but I hope you will stick with me and keep reading.

Even when I was a little girl, I noticed there was typically a difference between what the older crowd wore verses the younger crowd. And in my opinion, the younger crowd had the better options. I happily put on my stirrup pants or bootcut jeans or whatever was “in” at the moment, and as my budget allowed, I enjoyed the ebb and flow of fashion.

BUT…when the high waisted jeans made their comeback, I watched with horror as the zippers and pockets grew longer on the jeans. Ugh. I loved my low waisted boot cut beauties. And besides, high waisted pants were so out of style years ago. But that was the key: “years ago” now meant they could make a grand return, and be amazingly cool again, with a slight retro feel. I wasn’t wanting to try something new because in my mind, it was still “out of style.” I did not want to welcome change.

Hmm. That had me considering how easily my wardrobe could reflect my age and my attitude about aging.

Does it really matter if someone is wearing the latest cut of jeans? Of course not! My point is that I began to see how aging can influence even our clothing choices. And that when we do shop for clothing, we have an option to experience what’s “new” and “fresh.” We can join in with others and embrace it, or we can take a stand (in my case, in my low cut jeans) and say the choices were much better before.

With gritted teeth, I went into the dressing room with some high waisted jeans, and surprise, surprise, I found myself liking them. Yes, I felt a little more current, but I think most of all, I felt a little more youthful – not in the sense that the jeans magically transported me. I wasn’t secretly longing to be a youth again and this somehow appeased me. No, it was more the fun and excitement of trying something made “new” again, and knowing that like everything else, it would change. And that it really is completely fine by me.

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