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Adulting and Style: My Messy Bun Moment...

I heard the dreaded ripping sound while sitting at my desk and rearranging my cramped legs. (Ironically, I was wearing jeans already “stylishly ripped” in just the right places to make my casual Friday fashion statement.)

I did a quick check of my pants when I discovered IT: A baby tear in the fabric over the knee. It was subtle, blended with the other rips, and was the genuine thing. I actually had a rip in my jeans that was TRULY an accidental rip in my jeans.

Many of us spend so many hours and beauty products trying to be casual and to arrange the “I just casually tossed my hair into a messy bun” look.

This was my messy bun moment. All mine.

And while the older we get, the more we get to collect these moments. And laugh.

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