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Adulting: Are There Just Some Lessons We Never Learn?

I had eaten too much candy, and I had a horrible stomachache. Sounds like something a toddler might do, right?

My friend periodically mails me these little raspberry candies, and I just cannot resist them. I’ll grab a couple and think, “I’m good. No more.” Then I spend the next five minutes in the back of my mind justifying why I could have more, and it would be no big deal.

The same thing happens with the fish and chips here in England. I can’t resist those delicious vinegar and salt drizzled fries. They are like soft pockets of amazingness for my mouth. I tend to eat too many, and of course, I get a stomachache.

Which brings me to my point. In some ways, we never age or mature. We bemoan the losses of the years, but often ignore the lessons they teach. Perhaps the lessons are there to remind us that growing older can have its perks? Especially when it comes to important things such as our character and attitude.

Or in my case, my stomach.

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