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Adulting: Art Appreciation

The unicorn you see in the picture was drawn by my niece, Bear. To the average person, it’s nothing super special: “It’s cute. Now let’s move on.”

But I just can’t. Because I’m thinking of myself at Bear’s age, when I was producing my own artwork. If that unicorn had been mine, I would have seen a million things wrong with it. I didn’t understand why those older than me appreciated my childish drawings. I wanted my perfect vision to “come to life”, and when it wouldn’t, I was disappointed.

Now I see the unicorn before me. I have no idea what bear’s original vision was. I just know that I can’t get enough of its charm. The tiny triangle ears perched behind the horn. The detailed nose holes. The big round horse rump, complete with flowing tail.

I’ve walked through famous art galleries and museums around the world. I even took a selfie with the Venus De Milo. (I know, you can’t take me anywhere.) I’ve gazed on historic paintings, drawings, and sculptures that have taken my breath away.

And this unicorn drawing by my niece did just that.

Because being older and wiser than my young, critical self, I can now see the beauty in the interpretation, the effort, the imperfection. And I find it down right stunning.

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