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Adulting: Confessions....

Things I've learned the hard way:

I should slow down.

I shouldn’t shop for my weekly groceries when I’m really hungry. (Yet I still do?)

I shouldn’t passionately sing songs (or talk on the phone) while I am cooking a new recipe.

I shouldn’t let myself keep eating popcorn until I “feel” full. (Ugh.)

I should slow down.

I shouldn’t expect the birds to immediately come flocking to my newly installed bird feeder. (I still have hope.)

I shouldn’t expect instant results for even most things. (But I still want them!)

I shouldn’t expect everyone to move at my same fast pace. (I can be annoying.)

I should slow down.

I should treat stains before putting them in the washer (instead of magically hoping the stains will just come out on their own.)

I should remember that often items are on sale for a reason. (Oh, the quality issues I’ve experienced!)

I should cling to self-control. Like it’s a lifeboat.

I should slow down.


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