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Adulting: Dispensing Advice...

The older I get: the more potential for giving good advice.

In general, I think people dearly love giving advice. When I ask someone for some advice, no matter their age, I watch them morph into a tiny sage. And even though it appears to me that the world doesn’t seem to go ‘round by the advice of babes (although that is not to say we can’t learn from them!) age doesn’t seem to stop us. I think we start dispensing advice as soon as our little lips can start forming words.

My Mom likes to tell this story about my sister who was in kindergarten at the time and therefore growing wiser by the minute. It was the Christmas season, and Mom was singing one of the classics:

“Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh!”

My sister engaged her teacher voice. “Mom! You are singing it wrong. It’s ‘one horse HOPEN sleigh’.”

Graciously overlooking that fact that “hopen” didn’t even exist, Mom tried to defend herself, only to be scolded with, “It’s true Mom. Brandon from school told me.”

Apparently my Mom should have felt some gratitude – especially since Brandon was a fellow scholar in the think tank that was my sister’s classroom.

While her timing was off, my sister was learning an exciting truth about aging: As I age, I can give really good advice. Advice that is helpful and inspiring. Advice that can change lives. Because with each day, I enter (sorry to be cliché here) “the school of life” and I learn, and so does everyone around me. And therefore, we have a story – a bit of wisdom - to tell that can inspire others to make better choices for themselves and ultimately others, since our lives are incredibly connected and intertwined.

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