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Adulting: Do We Blame too Much on Aging?

I can’t keep up with my favorite work out gal, Kelli, on Fitness Blender. Well, I guess I can typically “keep up” – I’m just not as limber as her. Her moves are so graceful and lithe. I used to be like that too. I’m not now, so I did what many people do while crackling and huffing on my exercise mat: I blamed my age.

But then I noticed something. Her husband, Daniel, is not as flexible as her either and he’s younger than me as well. As I was doing lunges, I had my own little epiphany: I join with others and blame many of my problems on age – but does it really deserve it?

There are 12-year-olds that are less flexible than me. Do they blame their age? I doubt it.

My Mom once joked that she was getting old because she walked into the room and forgot what she was in there for. I’ve been doing that since my teenage years. I’ll admit it: I’m very flighty and easily distracted.

This leads me to another scenario. An older friend of mine fell off his bike while on a ride. He blamed his age. But then I am half his age, and I did the same thing about a month later. I didn’t blame my age. The bike path was rocky, and I was tired.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Many of the problems I blame on age can happen at any age. Are there things I can blame on age? Sure – but I just want to stand up a little bit for old age. I think it’s definitely gotten an unfair reputation when so many old age problems can manifest themselves at well, any age.


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