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Adulting: Do You Love Your Iron Like I Love Mine?

I remember little me seriously wondering how my Mom could get excited about a new clothes iron. Wait, let’s take it a step back even further: that she could get excited about even going down the aisle of the store where the irons are sold.


Because, hello?! She had the option of (cue blissful music) the Barbie aisle: where everything was pink and happy and glamorous. Who could even think about ironing when you could frolic among such Barbie beauty?

However, now that I’m older, I get excited about irons too. Especially my current one. I could seriously compose an ode in honor of it (just kidding…I think.) My iron glides over garments like a dream and has the power to transform a wrinkly piece of clothing into something beautiful; it’s a finishing touch to so much of my wardrobe.

Happily, young me forgot to factor in something important: as we age, our desires change.

Not only do I NOT miss the Barbie aisle, but also irons and other appliances have been known to make me giddy. And that’s the key: I’m giddy. I do not shop for a new iron and cast woeful eyes toward the toy department.

TAKEAWAY: So Why is Aging Amazing?

I guess little me assumed the adults were all secretly wishing to curtail straight to the toy departments. And while some of us might still want to, we have the power to enjoy both. We can admire our awesome iron for its transformational qualities and then walk down the toy aisle to reminisce (OR throw on a tiara and join our daughter for a tea party!)

And why not? We should get a taste of both worlds, adding more depth to our life and absolutely more fun.


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