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Adulting: Don't You Appreciate the "Rare" Now?

I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post that the older you get, the more learn what “unique” really means. But I think in the whirl of life, we also find out what “rare” means too.

And it becomes a very precious part of life.

My friend sent me a paper card in the mail. It was such a treat! Not a quick “thanks!” on WhatsApp or a little note on Facebook messenger. And to be quite honest, to me, a handwritten note that was stamped and sent is even more impressive than a carefully worded email (emails were SO INSTANT, and nowadays seem to take more time to send than they ever did!)

Having lived for so long, you come to a point where something presents itself to you, and its value is extremely high simply because there is so little of it left in your world. Like a magnificent species that is becoming extinct, we realize that a lot more in life is slowly disappearing. As a result? We find ourselves grasping it and treasuring it.

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