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Adulting: Encountering My Past...

Sometimes I’ll be in the grocery store shopping for something mundane, like tomatoes, and a certain song will come on that will just transport me to another time. And there I am, standing in the aisle among all the vegetables, getting goosebumps.

Are you like me in this way? I hope I’m not the only one.

I am so happy when I encounter something or someone great from my past - and not just a song, but a childhood toy, a familiar smell, or a book I thought was out of print.

We are a conglomeration of all our experiences, but it’s hard to continually remember them. Even the good ones. That’s why all these encounters are beneficial, because they carry with them such fantastic memories.

As some might say, we get “all the feels.”

And yet what a difference they can make as we age, because they represent something greater: a part of us we may think is gone is actually alive and well. Though it’s temporarily forgotten, it’s still very much woven into the history of our being.

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