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Adulting: How Are You Neglecting Yourself?

Please. Really ask yourself (out loud if you need to): What’s a small part of me that I neglect?

For me, it’s usually something super simple. For example, I need to take better care of the skin on my hands and feet. They dry out easily and crack, and there is no reason for me to not intentionally apply more oil/lotion and care for them.

You might have been expecting my admission to be more serious and philosophical. But I want to be honest with you. My skin is a physical part of me that can get overlooked. And way too often.

I like to improve myself and make resolutions that lead to these grandiose changes: changes that will wow. But this year, I’m resolved to reach for smaller wows because I underestimate them. (Like the fact that a healthy epidermis is incredibly beneficial.) Self-care practices may not seem significant or worth the trouble, but they are, so let’s not leave them behind.

I found a recent Huff Post article that shares ways therapists are practicing self-care. I couldn’t wait to dive into the text and learn. While none of the ideas will solve all our problems, most are reminders to pay attention to ourselves by making healthy physical and/or mental changes.

My favorite suggestion was beautifully composed by Psychologist Sarah Joy Park. (Don’t you just love that even her name has a positive ring?) And while she doesn’t talk specifics, like improving her skin-care routine, she is “engaging in more self-compassion practices.” Park explains how the benefits will overflow into her relationships with others:

Self-compassion also allows us to be gentler to others in return. I know I want to continue to support a kinder gentler world and I know it starts with me.

I love the simple logic of her words. She echoes the important truth that self-care is not always egocentric. When practiced wisely, it positions us to better help others, which is much needed in 2021. Our individual actions on this huge globe create a “kinder gentler world.”

So, I ask again, is there a part of you that you are neglecting? If so, how can you help yourself, which in turn, will help those around you?

While you answer, I'll be applying my lotion.


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