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Adulting: Firsts Again...

Because I’m living overseas, I’m learning to drive on the side of the road opposite to what I’m used to. Never mind that the steering wheel is also in a different place, and I have to drive stick shift (which I haven’t done in years.) Oh, and let’s add in roundabouts so I can be kept even further on my toes. I’m grinning as I type this. I’m not complaining, I’m just face to face with the reality that firsts do no necessarily end as I age: I’ve never driven a manual foreign car in a foreign country.

And I’m slightly (ummmm….a lot) on edge about the whole ordeal.

I’ve mentioned several times in my blog posts that when younger, we experience a lot of firsts and that it’s tempting to romanticize this time period: first kiss, first pet, first bike ride…lots and lots of firsts!

But getting older does not mean the firsts end. They keep appearing and therefore exposing my rosy view of firsts and bringing me down to where I need to be: reality. Then I can once again, bring balance to my thinking and appreciate where I am at in life, where firsts are not as frequent anymore.


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