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Adulting: Funny Stories...

At a family dinner, I once asked my grandma for a potato chip. She grabbed a handful of them, set them on my plate, and whispered the famous slogan for Lay’s chips: “they are too good to eat just one.”

Seriously, my grandma was so witty and clever. I LOVED what she told me, and I had to loudly repeat the whole story to all the adults at the table. I remember being a little puzzled at how I only received polite chuckles. Couldn’t they understand how funny grandma was?

Yup, now I’m the one that understands.

As a result, when kids tell me “funny” stories, I like to listen and grin right along with them. I let myself relieve the moment when I was their age, discovering just how hysterical the world really is.

I think young me would be proud of older me.


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