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Adulting: Hiding My Trash...

Street art or graffiti or urban art – whatever the proper name is – I love it! For me, the city of Prague takes the prize for the best street art (it is home to the Lennon Wall.) But no matter the place, I’m always on the hunt for the unusual bits of art that are not displayed in the museums. So, I was pretty pleased when I came face to face with this fantastic mural while wandering the streets of a small English city.

As I stared at it, my thoughts turned inward. Now that I’m older, I no longer try to hide all the trash in my life. Instead, like a bizarre recycling machine, I use it for other purposes. Because of the trash - the mistakes, the pain, the guilt - I can better identify with others.

I can look them in the eye and be sincere.

I can tell them “I’ve been there.”

I can offer encouragement as one who has felt a similar pain.

Like the painting, I turn my trash into something that can beautify a community AND my own life.

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