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Adulting: How Time Can Heal...

(Let me caveat this blog post by saying not all embarrassing moments will heal up, but I take comfort in the fact that it can happen, as I’ve learned from others and with my own experiences.)

When young, many of my embarrassing moments were so mortifying.

Like when the elastic in my shorts snapped at school, when I broke a window pane with my butt, or when I got my hair caught in a curtain holder.

I couldn’t see how such incidents could bring me anything but a red face and a desire to hide from the world. forever.


One of the many delights of aging for me: the humiliation typically* fades for many of those memories, and they morph into little anecdotes about myself that I can share with others and have a good laugh at. They have bonded/enriched many a friendship for me, as we chuckle over similar past mishaps.

(*and ideally – I know this won’t happen for all those moments!)


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