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Adulting: I Hardly Know It All! But I'm Glad...

The other day my friend told me she was going to apply Vaseline between the folds of her very wrinkly, very charming pug.

I wasn’t sure my mind could grasp the cuteness of this activity. OF COURSE pug skin needs extra TLC. Why hadn’t I ever considered this before? I hadn’t. So, I immediately had to share this adorable fact with another friend. (She also exclaimed appropriately, as hoped.)

Which brings me to this: I’m that chipper gal you may overhear enthusiastically exclaiming, “Wow! I learned something new today.” I think I verbalize such instances because it can be easy to believe that we are older, and therefore we pretty much know it all (or at least the important things.) And while that may be true, the world is so rich and complex that most of us have barely scratched the surface of what’s “out there.”

Being older doesn’t take away the privilege to learn; I think this is obvious, but something we can lose sight of. And while learning is not always easy, it can be incredibly satisfying. It’s nice to be reminded that even in “old” age, we can still experience childlike wonder and delight.


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