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Adulting: I will Never...

When little, I would observe some grown-up behavior in disgust and fiercely tell myself, “I will NEVER do that when I am that age.”

I wish I had written all my “I will NEVER do” thoughts down into a list. But I can remember some of them.

For example, while growing up, my main household chore was to wash or dry dishes. I had zero enthusiasm for it.

Instead, I had glorious visions of myself in my first apartment. There would be adult me, living my very adult life, moving about so carefree in my adult kitchen, using my adult paper plates and cups and plastic utensils…adultishly. Cleaning dishes would be a thing of the past.

I really have no witty way to wrap up this blog entry except to say that I love to reflect on these moments and laugh. Not a “poor me” kind of laugh, but a “if only you knew the future” kind of laugh, that remembers my frustration but is relieved that a better, more economical solution was awaiting me.

Like my first dishwasher.


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