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Adulting: Learning From the Young...

As I age, I’ve noticed how fun it is to learn from those younger than me.

I have a little friend Ann, who is five years old, and she speaks her mind. She hasn’t learned she can place a filter between her very active brain and her vocal chords, which, frankly, makes her a lot of fun. I know her Mama (my good friend) would disagree, but since I’m not around her 24 hours a day, I still find it charming.

So, back to the other day: I was out with Ann and her Mama, and we were going down a flight of stairs. To be fair, the steps were awkward, but from Ann’s perspective, they were treacherous. They were big, black, and they had a crooked turn. Even more than that, they were slightly hideous with tiny green footprint decals on them. I think the footprints were to add a “fun” element for children, but honestly, they were reminiscent of low budge science fiction television set.

I watched Ann timidly and dramatically take a step at a time, then at the turn (no doubt little heart pounding), I could hear her chanting to herself, “You can do it, Ann. You can do it, Ann. You can do it, Ann.”

I struggle with encouraging myself and I tend to be pessimistic, but my tiny friend had latched on to something good: the art of speaking to herself, put most importantly, speaking positively. Which leads me to ask myself, if Ann (who has been on this earth only five years) can do it, why can’t I?

It’s lessons like these that I really treasure. I think because most of my growing up, I was programmed to learn from those older than me. And while it’s still very much applicable, I love that in a world of contradictions, we can learn from the other end of the spectrum: the inexperienced, the “beginners” – and we can receive a fresh perspective that helps us all as we journey through life.

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