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Adulting: Lingering...

The older I get, the more I can soak in the details.

For example, the first time I went to England, I wanted the iconic experience: I had to go to the London Bridge, feast on fish and chips, and spend some “quid” on neato souvenirs. But as I kept returning, I got to dive beyond the touristy surface and enjoy the more unsung features of the country, for example, the ladybug you see in the picture.

Forgetting the English atmosphere around me (and the obvious landmarks that grab my attention), I instead scrunched my eyes, angled the camera, and fought to hit the focus button at just the right moment. It took some time, but I got my snapshot. For a moment, the world was just me and that little red bug.

It’s a gift aging gives to us: the longer we linger here on earth, the more we can experience, appreciate, and zoom into the details of our world around us.

And the creatures we share it with.

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