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Adulting: My Hike...

I recently went on a hike. In the hike’s pre-planning stages, I had envisioned myself a veritable mountain goat, swiftly and easily prancing up the trail. After all, I’ve hiked before, and I consider myself in decent shape.

Hmmm. Let’s just say I was no mountain goat and leave it at that.

As I hobbled back to the vehicle after the hike, I realized the obvious truth: If I were younger, I’d probably would have found the trek easier.


There is another truth that brought with it a huge rush of pride. Yes, activities may prove more difficult for me as I age. But as a result, I feel more triumphant. The task may become harder, and that is not a fun thing to admit; however, as a result, it is a greater accomplishment.

​ And I just can’t ignore that. I’m delighted.


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