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Adulting: My Time to Shine...

I grew up in a family with strong loyalties; therefore, I grew up knowing the generation before me was my support system. They were on my team, so to speak.

Of course, this didn't mean they were physically with me every second of my life, but they were there in the sense that if I needed them, they were a force of power I could tap into.

With life comes death and multiple other losses. The older I get, the more “my team” diminishes; for a while, this discouraged me. I felt like I was outside on a cold day without a coat. Vulnerable.

But my thinking has changed.

I realize the years have lead me to a new phase in my life: I am now the support system for the generation after me. It's my turn to provide strength, loyalty, and love. To be cliché: it is now my time to shine. And shine I will.

The result? I no longer feel like I have lost. Instead, I have gained. Because in order to provide strength, loyalty, and love, I am forced to dig deep and find it all within myself.

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