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Adulting: On Babies and Diamonds...

One thing I enjoy about getting older is seeing my friends have children. Okay, not literally being there during the deliveries. That could be awkward. But interacting with the offspring of some of my favorite people. They are little works of art.

I can best compare them to a cut diamond like on my engagement ring. Nestled next to my wedding band, I’ve looked at it for over 10 years now. I can spot so many different surfaces in one little stone – and as it catches the light, various facets take turns sparkling, each having their moment of brilliance.

So it is with children. Like staring at a quality diamond, I can clearly see my friend’s features sparkle across her son’s little expressions. I was with her the other day, and I joyfully thought to myself, "he's got his mama's mouth!" But suddenly, like a quick flash of lighting, his father streaks down his face as he smiles at his toes. It was brief, and it was fleeing, but I saw it. It’s one of those moments that makes me catch my breath. And it never gets old.

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