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Adulting: Our Power...

On afternoon, I was in the living room with a family member reading. The atmosphere just seemed a little lethargic and a little gloomy (maybe a storm was approaching). Tired of the feeling, I decided to toss a catnip mouse around for my cat. I got out of my chair, flung the little toy into the air, and watched my enamored cat jump into action. I started laughing as he did what felines typically do: pounce, cross his eyes, and swat like he was slightly inebriated.

The little sounds of the bell on my cat’s collar, my giggle, and the antics of my cat suddenly brought a lightheartedness to the room. It took just a minute or two, but the atmosphere changed. And it was because of my one simple choice.

How powerful.

Since that day, I’ve started experimenting further. Sure, I’ve heard that a smile can “light up a room”, but have I lived like it’s true? Have I daily utilized little actions that are so influential, they can shatter the atmosphere around me?

In a previous blog post, I mentioned how just lighting a candle can change the whole tone of a room. But I believe that as I age, I should never forget that I, too, am like that candle.

In a world that often overlooks our daily strengths and instead glorifies rare and/or fictional “super hero powers”. I like to remind myself how powerful I am. It’s important. It’s necessary. It’s an amazing advantage with aging.

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