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Adulting: Placing a Crown on Others...

I remember my English teacher in high school talking about this phrase: I’m going to crown you.

Intrigued, I asked her what it meant. Apparently it’s an older phrase, and she explained that it meant you were going to beat a person up, and then they would have a ring (crown) of stars around their head. They would “see” stars.

Nice, right? Not really.

But the phrase has stayed with me for years. Because I think we can crown people, not just with physical punches (ouch), but with our words.

How are we speaking to people? Can we turn a phrase into something good, coronating people so that they happily see metaphorical stars? Can we take them up into the heavens with words of encouragement and comfort? Because we have that power.

How are we talking to the children in our lives? Our spouses? Our family members? Heck, even our pets?

We’ve always had that power to crown someone, because we can place images inside their head by the words we speak.

And here's one more person to consider: You. Are you treating yourself like royalty? What are the words you speak to and about yourself?

I don’t know about you, but self-talk is definitely something I need to work on because I can easily harm myself by my thoughts: something none of us should be doing.

A crown, if it hurts us, is not worth wearing: these are wise words from the renowned entertainer Pearl Bailey, and I wanted to tuck them into this blog as a reminder to us all.

Let’s use our speech to create beneficial, beautiful crowns for ourselves and others to wear each day.


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