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Adulting: Repetition

Obviously, the older we get, the more repeats we will experience. Some of my favorites:

​Continually dining at a beloved restaurant with its familiar menu.

Playing TV show reruns in the background of my home while I go about cooking, cleaning, or getting ready for my day. (Yay for Netflix!)

Re-reading a poignant book and feeling the familiar emotions with the character as the drama rises and falls.

Savoring a freshly baked goody (I’m a carb lover) – and letting the amazing flavor overwhelm my senses as I dive in.

Repeats really are a huge part of life, therefore a huge part of aging. And while there are some repeats we certainly don’t want, it’s fantastic that we have the enjoyable ones to help counterbalance.


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Welcome to my blog on adulting! Being "older" is worth celebrating in an anxious world that tends to glorify "younger." I hope this site is a place you will find encouragement and positive words. 


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