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Adulting: Reruns...

​One thing I love about getting older: Seeing new versions of childhood toys!

A friend’s daughter was in my home recently, and she was glued to the show My Little Pony. I’m not going to lie: I too enjoyed seeing My Little Pony and how the artists of today have infused new style into her. Clearly, she’s alive and well and apparently still teaching adoring fans life lessons in her own TV series.

I don’t just enjoy the toys. I enjoy really anything that brings back good memories from my childhood. For example, for my birthday, my friend sent me this amazing multi-colored pen that you see in the picture.


I had the same substantial pen in my eager clutches when I was a little girl. Only now it’s morphed into the 2018 edition. In my mind, what’s not to love? It’s beefy, it’s colorful, and it provides options. I totally sent my friend an old-fashioned snail mail thank-you card and used every single color to write it.

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