Adulting: Small Kindness From Others...

Each day I live, it seems easier and easier to observe a world growing uglier.

The news is often terrible, there are plenty of reasons to fear, and it feels like global problems will never go away -


-as a result, I’ve cultivated such a deep appreciation for kindness.

For example, a colleague of mine buys a Turkish simit (sort of like a soft giant pretzel) everyday and has it cut up in small pieces. It sits in a little container outside his office on a hallway cabinet. The snack size bites are perfect treats, and I watch people grab pieces as they meander by.

I tell him it’s like he is feeding birds – alluding of course to me and his other colleagues.

It’s a small gesture he does every day, and I like to see it, and then remind myself that small things can have big, lasting results. And suddenly the world doesn’t seem so ugly.

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