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Adulting: Social Media FOMO....

Unfortunately, I think it is my fear of missing out that is actually causing more FOMO in my life.

I’ve noticed that I scroll through my Facebook and Instagram really quickly. And here’s what I constantly do: I will see an article someone posted, or a video, and think, “That looks really neat. I should read/watch that. I can probably learn something new.” BUT I tell myself, “I’ll go back to it, once I’m done scrolling.” After all, there might be a better article to spend my time on. (With this new intentional living I’m attempting, I try to be much more careful with my time.)

So wise, right? Ha! If only. Because I rarely go back to it.

Why? I don’t know… I get distracted? I find the social media loop never ending? I just keep looking, looking, and looking because I’m curious. I don’t want to miss anything, right?

But what I’m actually doing is missing out. Which is opposite my intent.

So now when someone references an article I want to read, I make a point to read it. If necessary, right at that moment. Because if I tell myself I’ll get to it, without intentionally book marking it, I’m basically lying to myself.

Sure, my social media hit is on pause, but it’s very a good thing. Social media isn’t going anywhere. If anything, it’s growing. And if I “miss” a picture or an Instagram story my friend was eager to share, she will no doubt show it to me later or mention it’s on her page.

I have failed at my own resolve, but I’m getting better. I’m finding it slows my pace a bit, which is much needed. I’m also seeing that I truly don’t miss out on a whole lot. And if I do, it results in JOMO – a phrase I read the other day that carries its own rewards: Joy Of Missing Out.


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