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Adulting: Something Else Will Come Along...

I know you’ve seen it often with kidlets in the grocery store: they have to have that piece of candy. Their world becomes contingent on having it, and at the moment, that silly piece of candy is the whole focus of their being.

Until they turn the aisle and see the chocolate cupcakes lined up in the bakery display case.


However, I’m guilty of doing the same thing! But not with candy. Instead, I revel in the pretty things I see, for example, in a beautiful clothing store. I will touch, stroke, exclaim and squeal over so many items on those hangers. I’ve been reading a lot about minimalism, and the lifestyle has merits (even in the area of a more pared down wardrobe) but it has caught my eye for another reason. While growing older I've realized that if I don’t obtain the item that I really admire, the thing I think I must have…


…another something else that I really admire, that I think I must have, will come along later. AND sometimes even in the same day!

I believe it takes a while for this lesson to really sink in, but since it repeats again and again and again, I’ve learned it: We can “miss out” and forgo so much (especially tangible items) because there is usually something else around the corner that we will love just as much.

And the previous something that we were so passionate about? It’s often forgotten.


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