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Adulting: Stepping into 40...

Because I turned 40 this month, I asked women in their 40s (or those who recently exited them) what they would say about this new decade I’m entering. I'll be honest: I felt insecure, and I needed to feel support.

So, I reached out for it. (Why not?)

And I’m so glad I did. Because I found myself getting excited. Especially when my sister said, "Welcome to the club!"

There was a common thread flowing through the gals' insightful remarks: all felt a little more confident in their own skin.

I won’t create a long introduction, because the quotations are fantastic on their own. I just want to say that I’m stepping into my new decade, armed with words. And here are some fabulous ones:

Great thoughts, right? I shared that I felt “armed” with their words, and I meant it. Words are powerful. And I’m incredibly grateful for people who speak wisdom into my life.

No matter your age in life, I hope that as you read, you too found encouragement along with me.

Not much left to do, but to say hello to 40!

Life begins at forty. - W. B. Pitkin


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