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Adulting: The Need for Personal Parties!

Many people dream, I know this. But let me ask you, does the dream version of yourself typically accept the strange situations in dreams and never question? For example, I’ll dream about my Mom. She won’t look like my Mom, she won’t act like my Mom. But dream Gina never stops and questions. She just accepts: “That’s my Mom.” Even though the red flags are everywhere.

I discussed this whole concept with a good friend. She too, admitted that there are incredibly bizarre occurrences in her dreams, and her dream self just goes with the flow.

So, it was a HUGE victory the other night when I was dreaming, and I actually took control of my dream. I was in a haunted house (I had seen a creepy TV show that day), and I was panicking because my phone wasn’t working. I vividly remember trying to push the buttons on the screen, and they didn’t respond. It was a classic nightmare situation.

But then, an incredible thing happened. I told myself, “This must be a dream, I just need to wake up.”

And I woke up!

To my relief, I was suddenly in my bed, wrapped like a burrito in my favorite blanket. Victory! I was so excited that I did a mini happy dance and told a friend. (Later that day, of course.)

Can I just say it took 39 years for this to happen? And will it ever happen again? Has dream Gina finally gotten the spunk and the knowledge to say, “Wait a minute, this is not reality. I can escape?” Maybe. Maybe not.

The whole point of this little story: we celebrate minor victories as we grow up. It might be a lost tooth or even something like learning how to braid. (I learned on My Little Pony’s long white tail.) My point is, I think we should not stop. We should continue to intentionally celebrate the smaller events as they happen in our lives. Whether we are 9, or in my case, 39.

Here’s to those little triumphs that keep happening and will keep happening! No matter how unusual, and no matter how old we are. Cheers!

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