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Adulting: Tiara's and Other Sparkly Things...

My niece is still young enough to sport a plastic tiara. Anywhere. I have to admit, I found myself feeling bittersweet as I saw her crowned head running errands with her Mom. Should I mourn the loss of such carefree, simple childhood fun?

An answer came to me recently as I shopped for a new headband. The alluring store display had a variety to choose from – they were gold, silver, shimmery, and elegant – all appropriate and fun for the holiday season.

As I arranged one on my head and studied my image in the mirror, a tiny smile came to my lips. The headband was reminiscent of a tiara. And then it hit me: maybe growing older doesn’t bring as much loss as I first thought?

There typically comes a point in life when it's not as thrilling (or appropriate) to wear a big plastic toy tiara to run errands in, but that’s okay, because I had only traded it in for a new kind of ornament that beautifully echoed it.

Thrills come at the beginning and do not last…Let the thrill go…and you will find you are living in a world of new thrills. CS Lewis

And that’s how I felt, as I faced my sparkly reflection in the mirror: thrilled.