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Adulting: We Can Easily Compliment Others...

To make oatmeal, I add whole oats to the boiling pan of water, and then I turn the burner flame off. I pop a lid on top, and the oatmeal continues to cook as the pot cools down. The result is less mushy oatmeal. Which I appreciate immensely. I’m not into mushy oatmeal.

My friend shared this cooking method with me years ago, and while other people probably already know it, it was new for me.

So, you are probably wondering, what does my oatmeal routine have to do with aging and its benefits? Because I recently contacted that friend and told her how I’ve been using for years the cooking technique she shared with me. And I know it was a compliment to her because of the length of time I’ve been steadily following her suggestion.

It’s a lot more impressive to have been doing something for years than to have been doing it for only hours, days, and months. It shows persistence, it shows dedication. And for a friend, it shows how her influence made a desirable difference in my life.

So why is aging amazing?

I’ve mentioned in other blog posts I’ll be talking about the simple, easy to overlook benefits of aging. And this one is pretty simple, yet amazing: we can look back over our time and use its length to brighten other people’s lives with a compliment. In this particular instance, time IS on our side.


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