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Adulting: We Can Still Play...

My husband and I were checking into a hotel in Edinburgh, and the chipper lady at the front desk ended our session by saying, “Oh, and we are having a murder mystery dinner going on this weekend. So, if you hear screams or see any dead bodies, don’t be alarmed.” She said all this in such a charming sing-song Scottish accent, it took us a minute to register what she was saying. And then we had to laugh. While we didn’t see or hear anything “alarming”, we did see plenty of costumed people parading around. Let me just note, they were having a blast. Which only adds fuel to my belief that we don’t have to slam the door shut on “playing” when we grow older. The lighthearted games, make-believe, and jokes can carry on. Age doesn’t have to hinder. But I believe It’s up to us to join in or make it happen. So, I’m making it my new year’s resolution to do so. And I hope you will join me too. ​ Happy New Year!


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