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Adulting: Welcoming a New Decade...

My friend is turning 30. And she is hesitant about entering her third decade in life. She scrunched up her pretty face when she told me her upcoming age, and my heart melted for her. (After I quoted a major line from the movie Thirteen Going on Thirty: “Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving!”)

I adore my 30s, and I want to share a few reasons why, to hopefully give the gift of encouragement to my friend as she enters this new phase of life.

  1. In my 30s – many mysteries were finally solved for me when it came to personal care. I finally have a grasp on the art of nail filing. I finally found a cuticle cream that will soften my stubborn cuticles into presentable looking little crescent moons. I’ve finally stumbled on a natural way to successfully remove my make-up (with coconut oil). The list could continue…

  2. In my 30s – I finally acquired self-discipline. While I still have plenty to learn, I can confidently attest that I’ve actually enjoyed the fine art of personal discipline (whether it’s refraining from sweets until the weekend, cutting out my soda a day habit, or sticking to a workout regime.) Then when I do splurge on a delicious sugary treat, or I give myself a day off from my workout, it is a sweeter and more satisfying experience - changing it from black and white to color.

  3. In my 30s – I’ve learned to be less selfish. It took a major life event for this to occur; I think for many, it’s the birth of children. Unfortunately, my event did not include 10 fingers and 10 toes of baby cuteness. I had to be broken, so I could then heal properly and become a transformed person. I was miserable at the time, but now the event is a treasure from which I continue to reap benefits.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the more notable incidences I can share; Of course, everyone’s experiences vary. But instead of bemoaning my friend’s age along with her, I want to give her a reason to look ahead with some eagerness. I can’t guarantee her 30s will be picture perfect. Mine certainly weren’t. I’ll type it out again for dramatic affect: Mine certainly aren’t. But I love myself in my 30s, and I’m hoping/believing she will love herself too.

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