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Adulting: Who Do You Resemble?

One thing I’ve only recently enjoyed about being older, and I think you might too: seeing how we resemble people (whether it be physical features or personality) who have already passed away. The internet is ripe with articles that show celebrities and their historical doppelgangers, but I know comparisons have been happening in families for years and years. The other day, my Mom excitedly sent me a picture of a great-grandma to my What’s App. She said, “Check out her smile. Yours is exactly the same.” I looked at the image closely. She was right! I saw my mouth staring back at me. I wondered, why did this make me so happy? When I was younger, I didn’t care about that sort of thing. In fact, it annoyed me when people pointed it out because I wanted to be unique. I remember reading about a character in a book who felt the same way as me: like she was not herself, but an old patchwork quilt, made of bits and pieces from others. But my attitude has changed. It’s fantastic having a link with someone from the past. It makes me feel like a part of something greater. Someone may comment to you that you remind them of a neat actor from the 60s or that your sense of dedication resembles a historical figure they learned about on Netflix. In my case, I know how much my grandma meant to my Mom, and though I don’t remember her, it’s as if I have a small piece of her as a little gift. ​

My point is, finding something in common with human beings who have passed, whether in our family or not, makes people come alive for a moment.

As we age, it’s a great way to continue celebrating their life: a special connection that keeps them living on in our hearts and minds.


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