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Adulting: Wisdom From My Muesli Box...

As some of you may know about me, I kind of adore muesli. It’s not just a passing fling either – this love is quite deep and has been going on for quite some time. (My husband is well aware of my flirtation in the cereal aisle! Ha ha.) So the other day at the grocery when I picked out a special new flavor for myself, I eagerly anticipated opening the box; when I did, I ran across some text decorating the outside that was just as fantastic as the muesli inside. It read:

Life’s not a dress rehearsal. So go on, learn tai chi; go on a romantic picnic; design a typeface; forgive someone. Because when you savor the present, life suddenly becomes far more delicious.

Seriously, what incredible wisdom on my cereal box!

As I read it, I realized it’s shouting the same message from its little cardboard sides as I am from my blog. Instead of wishing I was younger and romanticizing the good old days, I need to enjoy where I am at, the number of years I have lived, and the moment in time I find myself, no matter how imperfect.

Don’t you just love it when you come alongside someone (in my case, the muesli box designers) and you both are singing the same song, upholding the same values, and attempting to make a difference?


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