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Adulting with Anxiety: The Thrill of Hope...

A phrase I keep encountering again and again: get comfortable being uncomfortable. (I know, this seems a far cry from a feel-good Christmas post, but please bear with me!)

We hear other phrases like “go to our happy place” especially during workouts from well-meaning coaches encouraging us to push through the pain. But how do we do this? Especially when we aren’t even doing a fitness regime, but we may physically hurt from the world’s injustices and atrocities. Even during the holidays.

I read a text from Matt Haig, who wisely reminds us:

But it is helpful to remember that our perspective is our world. And our external circumstances don’t need to change in order for our perspective to change. And the forests we find ourselves in are metaphorical, and sometimes we are unable to escape them, but with a change of perspective, we can live among the trees.

How can we change our perspective and live among the trees? And with it being Christmas time, can we not decorate those branches with twinkle lights? I think we can.

I find that again and again, seeking wisdom and truth helps me succeed in life’s forests. And remember, among those very trees, nature thrives, reminding us of an important truth: that pain can give birth to beauty. Even though physical birthing is not comfortable, beautiful life springs forth as a result.

Traditional Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus. No matter your spiritual beliefs, consider letting the beauty of birth remind you that life can come from pain. Strength can come from pain (think of those workouts!), and growth can come from pain.

Does all this make the pain go away? No, but it pairs it with hope. Christopher Reeves, a wise man, who was very much associated with pain was quoted as saying:

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.

So, let’s choose hope this Christmas, string lights and ornaments up on the trees in our forests, and celebrate.

The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.

Merry Christmas!


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