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Aging and Success: Julia Child...

I’m sure you’ve heard of author and chef Julia Child. I hadn’t given her much thought though until recently, when my parents were telling me, “Gina, you need to watch the movie Julie and Julia! The main character also has a blog. (I love that they connected the character with me because of the blog.)

So, I cozied up one night with the movie and found myself loving the fact that Julia Child’s cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, wasn’t published until she was 49. AND it took her nine years of hard work, so basically most of her 40s. On top of this, her cooking show didn’t start until AFTER her book was published. Fantastic facts.

I’m thrilled that her success would be considered “later” by so many people. If I were in Julia’s shoes, I might have given in to the belief that I was “past my prime” and maybe stopped plugging away. But she didn’t. And as a result, she reminded me of a truth I needed to hear again and a lesson beyond cooking: success has no age limit.

I’m sure you’ve heard these five words before. But Julia Child’s story gives those words depth and meaning. She gives them life, and as a result, she gives us hope.

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