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Aging: Living My Musical...

For about 3 seconds, I lived my own musical. Cats, Phantom of the Opera,Beauty and the Beast, step aside! My 3 seconds was an experience to remember.

I was driving to work, seriously taking in the fantastic beat of Ini Kamoze’s single album Here Comes the Hot Stepper. The lyrics filled my car: “Excuse me Mr. Officer…” And right as the CD and my enthusiastic singing united together, I had my moment: A police car drove by. And I sung my heart out to him. I WAS the lyrical gangster talking to Mr. Officer.

It wasn’t until over 8 years later that I lived another musical, where I was lost in Istanbul, with a group of people, while ironically, the radio on our cab played the song, “Lost in Istanbul.”

These ironic, little musical moments make aging that much easier, worth looking forward to, and slightly hysterical; I wish many of them for you, too.

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