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Aging: Looking to Those Older Than Me...

I like to look to people who are older than me, notice something I admire about them, and then start to cultivate it in my life; this is so that when I reach their age, I have that trait embedded in me, just like they do.

Of course, the artist in me notices the clothing, make-up, and exquisite jewelry.

But I’m also talking about inner qualities. For instance, while growing up, I noticed my Mom kept everything so clean and tidy. I liked it when she would help me organize my room or step in and confidently guide me as I cleaned. When I poked around in her areas of the house (her closet, her bathroom cabinet, her night stand drawers) everything seemed fresh and put together. She left no dishes in the sink overnight, and she even folded up the throw blankets in the living room before heading to bed.

And now, as I run my own household, I like to do the same.

My admiration of qualities in others turns into a goal for the future, helping me anticipate the years ahead.

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