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Aging: Love For Technology...

I can’t believe I haven’t focused on this sooner: with aging comes fantastic new technology. I know you are thinking how profound I am NOT being. But again, I want to focus on the simple. I want you to stop for a minute and just appreciate something you already are aware of, and that is that technology has come a long way and can be incredibly amazing. I hear people say, “Oh, if only I had that piece of technology when I was younger.” But think of this instead: I lived long enough to have that piece of technology now. I’m not dead, so I can relish really amazing inventions – from 3D printers to incredible game systems. The fact that we are older doesn’t mean the enjoyment is out of reach. AND, the previous technology still holds a soft spot in our hearts. We’ve had the privilege of seeing it transform: something younger people haven’t had. I fully believe there is something in us that likes to see growth and development. For example, children of course, but also our plants, our pets, and even our own daily tasks like baking a cake. Our depth of appreciation runs deeper and being an observer of the process gives us a stronger connection. And it’s a connection I’m grateful for.


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